Running Free Manila

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Be Sure You’re Well Hydrated with HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle!

Press Release I would like to share with you something innovative from the other side of the world and this is true for everyone: you thought you are hydrated until you see your pee almost yellow. Most of active individuals, runners in particular tend to forget hydrating well. Especially with...

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Getting That Morning Fix with Men’s Health Philippines’ Training Combine!

First, let me thank my friend Drew from Century Tuna for inviting me to the event. I was actually intrigued if I am actually fit to do any physical tests with Men’s Health Philippines. So last Saturday, May 30, I went to Sparta Philippines (along Pioneer, right after the RFM building)...

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Pure Pharma 3: Your Daily Supplements Simplified!

Press Release As an active indivual, we usually experience the following: muscle fatigue, lack of sleep, weak immune system. Introducing Pure Pharma 3 (PP3), containing D3, O3 and M3. If you are familiar with the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), this occurs frequently with runners, swimmers, multisport athletes or basically with...

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