Run for Life: A Love Run on February 14, BGC

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runforLife_ALoveRun_RFMThe students of Englicom DLSU are inviting everyone for a very romantic race called, Run for Life: A Love Run this February 14 at Bonifacio Global City. This is for the benefit of Little Stars day Care in Bulacan.

Details are in the poster above. What are the inclusions of the racekit? *Medals are for the winners.


Here is the route:



Arriba Let’s Run on March 6 for Letran Scholars

Press Release

ARRIBA LET'S RUN •POSTER• Colored 15-2016_01-26-2016Now on it’s 6th year, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba is inviting everyone on March 6 for their Arriba, Let’s Run: Run for Scholarship with distances 500m, 3k, 6k and 10k.


Online at
Internal Participants – thru Dean’s Office / Principal’s Office
Alumni / Non-Letranites – thru the registration booth located at main lobby of Letran Calamba

Forms can also be downloaded thru the website:

Age limit for the 500 m (Kids) is from 9 years old and below. Age will be based on the stated birthday as per system computation, as of, funrun date.

PAYMENT at the Colegio’s Cashier (main lobby, Bartolome delas Casas Building) Or  thru bank deposit:

RCBC Calamba Branch
Colegio de San Juan de Letran—Calamba
Account # 1-352-52649-1
(fax the deposit slip together with registration form at (049) 545-5474)


Erica Abano 0915-569-4607 Let Estacio 0932-672-1314 Marlon Villanueva 0921-375-0122

Photo and content courtesy of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba



Wellness Experts Graced Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s The Health Club

Press Release

Last January 29, 2016, Edsa Shangri-La, Manila has once again raised the bar high in promoting fitness and wellness. Through a unique Health Club concept that hasn’t been seen in the hospitality industry. The award winning facility, recently held a private launch to introduce a panel of Total Wellness Experts highlighting each of the unique selling points of the Health Club including the Chi, The Spa to support members and in-house guests to achieve their personal fitness and lifestyle goals, anchored on holistic wellness.

Introducing the Total Wellness Experts of Edsa Shangri-La’s The Health Club – Dietitian and Nutritionist Cheshire Que, Christian and Jesse Perkins of Perkins Tennis Training Academy, Dr. Heal Dineros Lifestyle Coach, Bubbles Paraiso Yoga Instructor, Ranessa Santos Director of the Health Club and CHI, The Spa, Coach Ria Mackay for Swimming and Triathlon Coach Norman Pascual with Under Armour Ambassador Robi Domingo.

Introducing the Total Wellness Experts of Edsa Shangri-La’s The Health Club – Dietitian and Nutritionist Cheshire Que, Christian and Jesse Perkins of Perkins Tennis Training Academy, Dr. Heal Dineros Lifestyle Coach, Bubbles Paraiso Yoga Instructor, Ranessa Santos Director of the Health Club and CHI, The Spa, Coach Ria Mackay for Swimming and Triathlon Coach Norman Pascual with Under Armour Ambassador Robi Domingo.

Introducing the roster of coaches – ITU certified Triathlon Coach Norman Pascual to highlight the Health Club’s triathlon facility complete with the ultimate swim bench, the Vasa Swim Ergometer, the google maps-powered Tour de France Bike, and a dedicated treadmill for running. Bubbles Paraiso is the hotel’s new yoga instructor at Chi, The Spa Yoga Studio, Swimming Coach Ria Mackay, the only Total Immersion certified school in the country for swimming classes, the Perkins twins, Christian and Jesse power duo of the Perkins Tennis Training Academy for outdoor tennis and functional fitness program by Under Armour Ambassador Elle Adda. At Edsa Shangri-La, it’s not just about the physical transformation but also nourishment of the body and the mind, the Health Club partnered with Philippine and USA Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Cheshire Que for nutritional assessment and dietary requirements of members and Lifestyle Doctor and Wellness Coach Dr. Heal Dineros.

To launch the Total Wellness Experts was a private event in partnership with Under Armour, for the Health Club’s 2-day Open House where exclusive gym membership deals were offered to guests who signed up during the event. The two action-packed days of all things about Total Wellness featured fitness activities and tips on leading a healthy and active lifestyle headed by fitness experts. Guests were encouraged to join the simultaneous pocket events, which highlighted the different facilities of the newly renovated Health Club. Activities include Introduction to Triathlon by, Total Immersion Swim Training with Coach Ria Mackay, Power Tennis with The Perkins Twins, Functional Exercises by Elle Adda and Yoga by Bubbles Paraiso. Guests were able to acquire insights, ideas and tips from professionals at the Meet the Experts session that started off with while they tried Health Club’s new Well-on-the-Go menu and recovery massage at Chi, The Spa station.

An amazing open-house only special were given to guests during the event from the Wellness Expo that covered everything needed to move, refuel and recover. It featured the biggest sporting brands – Under Armour, Speedo, Rudy Project, Klean Kanteen, Manduka, Life Fitness, Garmin, Perkins Twins Tennis Academy, 28 Black, Aqualogic Swim Co., LivLite, Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy, Klean Athlete, Storck and eIskin Laboratory.

The country’s leader in lifestyle fitness, Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s Health Club pioneers the “Move, Refuel and Recover” concept, fusing state-of-the-art fitness programs with healthy food selections and the overall wellness expertise that CHI, The Spa is known for. The Health Club is a source of energy, pleasure and relaxation, which provides a way to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

For inquiries and Health Club membership, please call (632) 633 8888 Ext. 2906 or email Visit or stay connected, like, follow @edsashangrila on Twitter and @edsashangrila on Instagram.

Photos and article courtesy of Edsa Shangri-La Communications. Coverage courtesy of Sheryll Quimosing. More photos of the event in the Facebook page, Running Free Manila.

3 Tips on Your First Half Marathon

There are several ways to prepare for your first half marathon and running will not go away soon so there are a lot of runners asking because of an upcoming event on May!

I am running my first half marathon on May. Can I still prepare for it?

Answer is yes with A LOT OF DEDICATION. Let me give my thoughts squeezed in 3 tips and this is specifically for beginners (and returning runners):

  1. Training.

    You barely have 3 months to train. Have a running buddy, they are your moral compass.

    For February, focus on your form (remember POSE Running: hips, center of gravity–try to tip forward intently, run on fore and midfoot strike). Make 25-50m checking your form and correcting it for warm up. Do tempo runs, start with 30 second sprint then another 30 second recovery, repeat 5 times. From there, you should monitor your fastest and think that you’re in a race (this is your race pace). Maintain that for the next 300-500m and repeat for 3 times. Train 2-3x a week with a slower pace on weekends. You should be covering 8-15 kms in total within the week; so there are easy days and hard days. Rest in between training days. This is also the month when you should have prepared your running gear: shoes, top, shorts.

    For March, combine your tempo runs with endurance. From 30 minutes to an hour, extend another 30 minutes. Train when the sun is out, check what sports drink and energy gel (or none) will work for you. From a chug, try doing sips. This is to orient you of taking minimal time drinking and maximizing your running time. Maintain an hour and 1 1/2 hours for the rest of the month, increasing your mileage plus the number of times you are training. This is the critical month when your body will tell you if you are ready for the demand of the half marathon because by this time you should have mileages varying from 10km to 16km. Weekends should be easy for long slow distance (LSD) runs. Your race pace should be observed in weekdays.

    For April, you should focus on corrections to your form and what is wasting your energy. You should be attentive to changes in your body and its recovery time (or days). If recovery is longer than usual (3-4 days), you must be training so hard. By this time, your body should have adjusted. By the last week of April, you should hold back. This is the month where you protect yourself from any injury or treat any injuries that has been bugging you. Still maintain 5-10km mileage every week with 2-3 times of training.

    Come May, you should be ready for your first half marathon!

  2. Nutrition

    There is such a thing as carbo-loading especially with runners. Go ahead, indulge after workouts, they are your rewards. BUT, do not overcompensate your nutrition to your training, this is where frustration lies to individuals thinking running will make them light.

    Always have a balanced diet of protein and carbs. Fiber is suggested to be part of your diet so you will know when your body will react in unnecessary situations and making sure the nutrients that you are getting from your food will be distributed to your body, ensuring as well your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels are normal.

    As mentioned in item 1, observe sports drink and supplements to your trainings. On April and May, you should not be exploring new drinks or energy gels as your body might react badly, giving more reason not to push through with that first half marathon.

    Have a monthly check up with your doctor to observe your weight, your blood pressure, your overall well-being.

  3. Rest. Sleep!

    I know it is hard to complete a 7 to 8-hour suggested sleep. But remember, your body needs recovery from tedious beating. Ice will be a constant companion for temporary relief but enough rest and sleep will give the body proper recovery. If you knew you have a 4am run, you should be asleep by 8pm. So for now, set those TV series or catch ups with friends on your rest days. Again, this is where your running buddies will be helpful.

Easy as it may sound and as short as these tips would be, a half marathon or any race that entails long distances will be a mind game. You signed up for it, so better show up and commit to it!

Good luck on your first marathon! :)


Run United 1 2016 Set on March 13

Press Release

Here is what you need to do and what to do to register in the Run United 1 2016.



In-store purchase of the prepaid cards will be available at the following stores, from 12:00NN to 8:00PM Monday to Sunday starting January 30, 2016.

RUNNR Store BGC B1 Bonifacio High St. The Fort, Taguig City
Toby’s Robinsons Galleria Level 3, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave. Quezon City
RUNNR Store Trinoma GF EDSA-North Ave. Terminal, Project 6, Quezon City
Toby’s MOA SM Mall of Asia, GF Entertainment Hall, Roxas Blvd, Manila


With ActiveHealth Kit

RU12016_RFM7Without ActiveHealth Kit



Race Category Assembly Time Gun Time
21km 3:00am 4:00am
10km 4:00am 5:00am
5km 4:30am 5:30am


  • All registrations will be done online by logging on to thru the Active Network link)
  • Registration deadline is on February 29. Singlet sizes and finishers’ shirt sizes will available on a first-come, first-served basis online.
  • Singlet and finishers shirt sample sizes will be available for fitting at the registration centers.
  • Prepaid cards will be sold in store on a per person basis only.
  • Prepaid cards must be registered on or before February 29, 2015. Validity expires beyond the date indicated at the back of the card.
  • Online registration and prepaid card selling is on a first come first served basis. Registration may end earlier than the announced deadline.
  • D-Tag will be provided to every participant to get the runner’s accurate time result and must be surrendered to claim the finisher’s item after the race.
  • No BIB, No D-TAG, NO RACE.



For online and in-store registration inquiries:

  • Landline (+632) 463 4813
  • Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 6pm only, except holidays.

Content and photos courtesy of Active Health.