Week Before The Event

Here it is. I just came from my workout. My bestfriend’s husband taught me this: 50 reps squats in the morning and in the evening. I took another of these: 50 lunges, 4 sets of 12 reps clamshell and 2-3 sets of 12 reps single-leg squat to bench. And this my dear reader is just warmup before having an actual sprint for 100 meters (thanks to Jovel, Tin’s hubby) then run in-between until you can sprint again for another 100 meters. And this is a week before the actual run. Why the active workout? Because I’m just taking 3k and I need to break my record (21 minutes from  Century Tuna Superbods Run). For 5k, I am to change my usual routine after the upcoming Natural Geographic Run on April 18. This will be my last 3k before joining 5k for the next leg of RunRio. Hi Coach Rio! I am a fan and I have to have time to thank the men behind Men’s Health Philippines for their March issue that really helped me. Hrr, my blood is pumping and excited!