Pre-Race Thoughts: National Geographic Earth Day Run 2010

I went to SM North Edsa with my Mom to register at Timex for the NatGeo Earth Day Run. I registered for the 3k and asked for my size. Usually for the singlets I am XS. To my dismay, there are no more available XS size, not even S. The male attendant gave me the medium sized shirt to try on to see the shoulders way below the exact place where my shoulders are and I thought my hiphop days (1999) were over (LOL). I took the shirt anyway with a smirk. I also asked where the chip was and the guy said it will be manual. Oh, okay was my only reaction. I guess since everyone will start on the same time, no one would need a chip and everything will be uniform.

My next thought will be the uniform time. The start will surely be an exciting view to anticipate but at the same time it will be chaotic if not really organized. I really hope the organizers (Coach Rio, are you their organizer? You should be.) would anticipate this event or else a lot of people might get irked on this.

Anyway, I just told myself I’m helping Mother Earth, I’m helping National Geographic’s cause, I’m helping Illac Diaz’s cause and for his DAtE foundation–this should matter most.