Post Race Thoughts: ING 20 Run

I wanted to have 17 runs this year kasi I was born on January 17. And I thought this will be my 17th run, a great run to end the year.

This was what Kat shared why she joined ING 20 Run. And as late as 10:30pm, Kat already texted me where will we meet the day after. When we met, she did her usual dynamic stretching while complaining of the cab driver, a regular expression of the dynamic diva. She also was blurting how it was weird for her to forget her trusty pink camera.

Drew, surprisingly was late. The 20k is about to start and there it was just a few minutes after. He was rushing to get his kit from Jackson and we were joking and having fun and we haven’t started the race yet!

The 20k Stretch

It started late, maybe 20 minutes after the supposedly time but who cares. We really didn’t care of the PR but we agreed: Jackson, Drew, Kat and I to do an LSD (long slow distance) instead but we were pacing around 5:40 and it was the first time that Kat said, “Di ko kayo kaya, mawawasak ako senyo!” (“I can’t go with you, I won’t last that long!”) So we paced with her and talked to her, joking her so she would react. “Suplada ako sa race. Wag nyo’ko kausapin!” (“I’m snobbish when it’s race. Don’t talk to me!”) But we did anyway to drift her focus away from the race and maintain her pace.

It was dark in the first part of the race, no marshals around and not enough lights. At the British International School we were by ourselves. Marshals are set each turn around.

By prepping to meet the Buendia flyover, Kat wanted to stop and walk but we didn’t let her. Jackson was all the way beside her and like any great motivator, she later found out she already passed Buendia flyover maintaining a pace of around 6:25.

Hydration is enough for the 20k runners and I think I’m grateful that tomorrow will be the final leg of Milo marathon because the hydration table is filled with cups, with ice, with 100plus. That’s a plus for the organizers.

It seems that every hydration booth is heaven’s gift to Kat as Drew would run before us and bring 2 cups for Kat. At the turn from Buendia back to Bonifacio Global City, Kat almost cried because of the thought that she’s running with minimal walking! She kept on telling, “This is I guess one of the most memorable races!” We joked around singing Christmas carols as we were headed to McKinley and Heritage.

There were not enough marshals here and some got lost running the 20k route when they were running for 10k only. The hydration stations were our markers that we’re still in the race. Jackson mentioned that this was a boring route: going to Heritage Park and back. Yes, it was a struggling uphill going back but yeah, it didn’t feel as entertaining and then I forgot, when did entertainment be a part of running? But I really felt blah with this route just like the one in British International School. Anyway, Kat is already NOT talking.

Even while we enjoy the sponge bath and there was the purple sponge that we so loved decided to take it home.

The Last 3k

Kat was walking more but still the spirit was there and yes, there was a lone marshal to tell us to turn right. Kat was pushing herself literally and may have wanted to stop altogether but it seemed there was no going back and she ran.

At the last kilometer, we took 100plus from the hydration station and we tried as much as possible to let the spirit of Kat keep up with us because really with Drew and Jackson, you wouldn’t go wrong with being IN the zone and trying to revive your spirit even when the body is already complaining.

As we turned around for the last time and see there were a few photographers, like the usual Pinoy, we managed to smile and let the pain go away and Kat (I’m sure) was so proud of herself as we cheered her to the finish line with a great PR: 2:20 and we ran late!

Last thoughts

As we were handed over our medals, Kat was almost in tears as this was her fastest and a race that she ran most of its part!

It was I think a company event that was rushed or maybe because it is the holiday season, people are really rushing. When we got to the finish line, it was already awarding of the race categories and the raffle for the ING NYC Marathon 2011 was given to a guy from AFP, congrats Sir!

The ING 20 Run is for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity for the 2nd ING village in Calauan, Laguna.

All in all, it was a race that is comforting that a few runners and enthusiasts joined but the help is extended to the informal settlers along Pasig River. At the same time not only have we helped other people but we have helped pushed our fellow runner to her limit. Great one Kat!

  • Lucky, lucky Kat! Any race/ run, PR or not, you do with friends motivating you, and staying with you no matter what is always one to be remembered and treasured forever. KUDOS to you guys for the push and believing. (hmm… am I teary-eyed now?)

    Great one Allan.RFM! *bow*

  • huwaw! NICE ONE KAT! kakainggit, hope i had my set of runner-friends who will push and support me like that 😉

  • runningfree

    Salamat Madol and Irish! Simple lang, on your next race (yung mura ha, haha! kuripot lang) sabihan nyo kami. Tara let’s run! Hehe.

  • Kainis late ko na nalaman nanalo pala ko ng race kit dito sa ING20 hehe

    Cge next race ko CIHM! Lol

    Sana next year maraming cheap races para manalo ko nga madaming “friends” 😉

  • runningfree

    Wow! Sayang di sana happy happy tayo. Hehe. 🙂