Post Race Thoughts: IBM TakBlueHan

We promised John we’ll join this and we did, we joined the 10k category. We were drunk the night before and I woke up at 4am already, took a bath, grabbed a banana, took my meds and supplement and off we rushed. As always, my no. 1 fans: my parents joined me (now they’re fast asleep, thanks My and Dad, you’re the best!) and cheered for our group. Luigi, John, Hendy, Imee and I joined IBM’s TakBlueHan presented by IBM organized by Run for Change.

The Race

I was really looking forward to this race because it’s in McKinley Hills and the hills are quite a challenge for me, unlike my running friends in aNR Pearl where they eat hills regularly, I am a budding fan but I couldn’t find time to train here and I have to drag my running buddies from Fort to here just to train.

Anyway, we were excited for Imee as she only started joining races recently (her first was Tiktakbo 3 in UP) and this was her 2nd 10k (her first was Run United 2). We asked her if she would like to be paced but she begged off.

As the gunshot was off, we ran and Igy, Hendy and John were leading as I follow after them. The hills from the start have tested us and Igy was already leading at the turn from Korean Embassy. This is the first time that I did not stop running while tasting McKinley Hills and this is the break-in of my new running shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire 6; recommended by running friends for me.

So going back to the race, you would really know the competitive runners as there’s one female runner who was asking me if there was another female runner ahead of her as she’s running the 10k but they apparently registered her in 3k. I said I’m not sure.

Hydration was okay as it was a company initiative for the employees so it was enough for the runners. There were enough marshals wearing red shirts and the markers (are they called as such?) were ready to give out the tags as runners pass them. It was fortunate that the weather is good and there’s also medics standing by. The last runner was backed up by an ambulance and a sweeper in case something unexpected happened so that’s a big plus for IBM and Run for Change to really look after the runners’ welfare.

So as we challenged ourselves with hills, as I trail after the guys of six:30, I saw Imee already in her last turn and she was running steadily and she was all smiles!

Finish Line

We all finished the race feeling grateful for the run, the event and the people we are with. We were happy to meet at the finish line and just minutes away, there was Imee and she even managed a pose before crossing the finish line!

We did our stretch ritual and gathered at the podium.


We were rooting for Igy and Hendy to make it to the Top 10 and we were cheering the employees of IBM who did great in their categories and then came our categories: we were in the Top 10 and Imee was Top 4 in her division!

So I guess it was a great race after all! No expectations, just having fun and look what we have here, top finishers!

Final thoughts

So we celebrated it with McDo and Starbucks and just enjoying the company of each other, a celebration of the sport that we love while the rest are in high spirits with the 34th National Milo Marathon that really improved from what I read from the status of my friends in Facebook.

The event was a kick-off of what’s in store of IBM for its employees and they are looking forward for another year of run. All in all, the employees were happy and most of them really tried running. More power to IBM and companies looking after their employees’ well-being.

  • Johnnnyboy

    Thank you so much for this blog post ALLAN and thanks for joining us in this simple yet “fun” race. After the IBM run, I thought to myself, that race was really simple yet it was fun! I kinda missed the feeling of having fun in races since a lot the races out there are so competitive and a lot of runners have been too egoistic. (or am I just sensitive… I don’t know) HAHA!

    More power to your blog RFM!

    • runningfree

      John, agree on that! You’re not sensitive don’t worry. Lately, I’m missing this one and getting focused on having a new PR but with my December races I realized it was much better running with you guys, seeing you guys turn around and doing a high-five or even run together. And like I always, running with someone makes you forget you’re running longer and to end, it proves your mantra: running is, indeed, not a lonely sport!

  • aneth dayag


    i’m with imee earlier she was on the 4th place and i was on the 5th place i’m actually the one beside her in the picture i would just like to congratulate all of you for being on the top on all of the categories. galing!!! i really like running. i would just like to ask to please like me in FB.thanks can i join the next run? thanks.

    • runningfree

      Congrats Aneth! Sure!!! I hope you’re near UP Diliman so it wouldn’t be a hassle. Join our group, six:30 running group. Like our page to see the latest schedule of our runs or next race. Thanks! 🙂