aNR defined

I cannot think of a better way to describe what happened last Sunday morning at Newport, Pasay City when the adidas Nation of Runners (aNR) had its first 5th Sunday Run: running was defined.

The 6 groups of aNR (Alabang, BHS, Ortigas, MOA, Ayala Triangle and UP) were there; with all smiles and different gimmicks from each group. I belong to 2 groups: from Pearl-Ortigas and UP where I started my aNR experience with Pearl. But the new group of aNR UP was energized by the cheers from the runners, excited to be one of the youngest groups (MOA the other baby).

I am not as active as my fellow Barneys in both groups (aNR UP and Pearl) and it was so nice that familiar faces from community were there. I bet newbies from other groups were also excited to see how meshed the runners are. In the forum, most of the feedback were “so far the most organized run, really fun and proves how small runs can be more exciting”.

I cannot be as vivid as the experiences from the coaches and from the idol runners but here are a few pointers:

  • hydration was overflowing for everyone especially because it was a small yet organized fun run!
  • the area; however small, was just enough to let the camaraderie be felt in the activity area.
  • there was competition of course among runners, among groups BUT no one bothered (or at least from where I stand) to complain of things because the positivity was all around even when the sun was all smiles at 9-10am!
  • adidas was organized for the track even if it was 5k. Even the claiming of food and the free socks was organized.
  • Maybe -1 for putting the raffle and announcement of winners at the Resorts World 3rd floor parking because it was hot (again no one complained so all is well).
  • For sure each group has its unique story and I wish aNR gets every pointers from each group as everyone had a really good time.

It was fun personally that aNR UP tried pacing at 7-7:30 but my fellow Barneys were just as excited as everyone that some of them broke their PR for 5k. I was not attentive during the relay but I can hear the shouts and cheers from different groups as they encouraged their runners. While my fellow Barney Jonj and I were cracking jokes and enjoying the treat from our aNR UP family with kakanin, balut and Krispy Kreme, some were having great talk while eating breakfast (maybe I hope aNR improve their selection of breakfast, peace! hehe!) and then some just having a great time posing and taking pictures to update their FB profile pics.

Congratulations to aNR UP and actually to all aNR family for being such a good sport and guess what, most of us broke our PR while having fun!

Photos courtesy of Romel Espinoza of Runners’ Runner and KB Runner. Thank you!

  • buti ka pa naka PR hehehe

  • Argo

    Mission accomplished! Couldn’t agree more! Awesome in every aspect! Who bothers a late start if everyone is having fun!