If Hyundai Accent Run can do it, Then for sure they can!

Last Saturday, at Quirino Grandstand, Hyundai Accent held the country’s first ever FREE run. Inclusive of a singlet, bib number and dig this: RFID tag! The 10k and 5k was divided into waves and there were bouncers to divide the waves. There are portalets before and after the race. There are OVERFLOWING mineral water: even the streetchildren had their share for their family! There are marshalls all over the race. There were photographers for all enthusiasts.

So HOW? How do they do this? Of course I would not know that I’m not from Hyundai. But what I am certain of: we can race for FREE. If I may deduce, Hyundai, just like every other corporations out there value CSR and they have a budget for any project that their CSR committee or department would ever think of.

I guess the smart people behind this concept has awoken other companies who organize races plugging pricey registration fees that since they know that this is the new milking cow (excuse me but yes I just have to say this) where because of the medals, because of the freebies, because of the post-race activity centers they are assured of runners even if fees were expensive.

Now talking about the other side, we cannot brush the fact that running has boomed because of these races. Just like football, it doesn’t matter if Phil Younghusband dates Angel Locsin or not, because the fact is they have put the spotlight on football here in our country. Bad publicity is still publicity!

But this is also a plea to the other companies and race organizers, kindly reconsider those who are serious about running. There was a saying before that running is the cheapest form of sport. But now, it seems like it isn’t. And this maybe the other reason why some running groups and team would rather organize LSDs and runs to help fellow runners in their careers.

Now if only we can appease some enthusiasts complaining of the faults of a free race. Tsk tsk!

Oh and just look at the beneficiaries:

Erratum: Sorry I posted Angel Aquino prior to this edit. Excuse to all her fans as I am a fan too. And I have no attack on Angel Locsin either…just trying to make a point.

  • Nette

    sana maulit ito at makatakbo din ako sa isang free but great race 🙂

  • runningfree

    we missed you here Nette but I know you enjoyed your hosting stint naman. Coach Rene mentioned in his blog that Neville of SecondWind will do 2 more this year so watch out for it! 🙂

  • run…aquiz…run

    hi rfm… nice article… 🙂 yeah, sana magising yung ibang companies na super high yung reg fees… kasi dba if you put your company/product name sa fun run, form of advertisement na yun. logical lang na may budget dapat sila for that. para kasing nangyayari promomotional oppotunity nila nga nila, yung mga runners pa yung gumagastos for them. i’m not saying naman na dapat free lahat ng run. i’m hoping lang na sana maging affordable lang naman yung reg fees. hyundai can do it, so why can’t they, dba? congratz to hyundai!

    i actually saw you with your team, six-30 near the finishline… how i wish in the future magkaroon din ako ng team… hahaha… 🙂

    • runningfree

      if you’re near in qc, you’re very much welcome to join us! 😀 there’s team cb in tiende, snail runners in alabang, ANR UP, Pearl, Tiendesitas, MOA, BHS and Alabang. Try mo. They will be happy to have more runners joining. 😀

      • run…aquiz…run

        that would be nice! 🙂 actually i’m from malabon, but my gf,whose from batasan hills, and i run at the u.p. oval every sunday or whenever there’s a free time/holiday… we would love to join… 🙂 thanks!

  • runningfree

    Great! Then hope to see you around. We’ll have a session on Thursday at 8pm. Meet-up place at Oblation.

    • run…aquiz…run

      ay thanks sa invite… kaso hindi ako pwede pag thursdays… anyways hope to run with you guys soon… just give me the heads up with my email/fb… thanks again! 🙂

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