Pay It Forward: TBRDM 2012 Dream Chaser Moment

I just have to post this and I would like to thank Bert dela Victoria for this Kodak moment because this was when Ka Totoy (Graciano Santos) told me, “Allan, dalhin mo sya hanggang sa finish line.” (Allan, bring him ’til the finish line!)

Running back and forth: painful; Chasing a runner to his dream: priceless

And there it was, we paid it forward. From last year when Maan (Maan Catolos) was my dream chaser (I miss you dearly!), now it is my turn.

Maan made sure I made it to the finish line, and I did!

Ms. Jaymie Pizarro (The Bull Runner), Coach Lit Onrubia, Coach Edward Kho and the rest of the TBR team, I am forever grateful for giving us a purposeful life as a runner and as an individual. I won’t get tired of being of service.


  • And I am forever grateful to u RFM! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • It really feels good to pay it forward. I won’t get tired of it either 🙂 cheers Allan! I miss you too!

  • ur welcome RFM! congrats for making another runners dream of finishing a marathon!

  • runningfree

    I am just part of the dedicated Dream Chasers. There were 4 teams, 15 dream chasers each. Cheers to all! 🙂

  • Allan, i’m the one you brought to the finish line in the pic above. Maraming maraming salamat!!I’ll also do what you did to me next year so as not to break the tradition:) – Emon

    • runningfree

      Sir Emon! Finally, I kept on looking for your name in the pics. Thank you for making me pace you till the end. It was an honor. I will surely see you next year and pay it forward. Let’s continue the tradition! At walang anuman sir, anytime! 🙂