Running Essentials with Michelle Estuar and Skechers

Last March 24, Michelle Estuar and Skechers Philippines went to Cebu for the Skechers GOrun Running Essentials with Michelle Estuar.

By 4pm, Cebuano runners and enthusiasts queued to sign up at the Activity Center of Ayala Cebu. The place was filled and Skechers Philippines welcomed everyone and introduced Michelle Estuar.


Everyone's into running!

Identify your Basic Essentials. Before you leave your house, you ensure that you have the necessary things with you: keys, ID, money, your things for work or for studies. The same applies with running: before you run, there are things you need to know: thus, we are introduced to the Running Essentials. 

Estuar mentioned that the session is no running clinic, her goal is to ensure that runners and enthusiasts are in good condition when running and introduced SAFE:

Solid Start. You need to establish a good foundation before you run.
Adaptation. You need to be flexible and open-minded when learning the basics of learning.
Free from Injury. With a good foundation and an open mind, you ensure yourself of avoiding and lessening your risk of hurting yourself.
Effective. With all things considered, you ensure yourself or running effectively.

5 Running Essentials by Michelle Estuar

1. Your Feet and Your Legs. As you run and continue joining fun runs and for those who are obsessing what to know first before running, remember when you searched about the foot strike, stride (refer to the Kenyans, hehe!) and pronation. It is recommended that you run naturally (where you are most comfortable) and of course, midfoot strike is the safest way to run.

2. Your Upper Body Posture and Your Arm Swing. Estuar shared that she joined ultramarathons to challenge herself. As she was running, naturally she tends to slouch and out of exhaustion she slows down. However, she shared that you should look after your posture throughout your run. It is recommended to run upright since it helps in your proper breathing (your lungs expand as your breathe, slouching restricts you from doing this). It is also recommended that as you run, you swing your arms in a simple way from side to side (imagine you are skating or in roller blades) with the hands not completely curled and closed. Remember, you should spend your energy in running and not on clenching your fists.

3. The Biomechanics. Try observing how birds take off to fly. It is also essential to observe ourselves as we prepare ourselves to run: push off, swing and stance. This will also help how we may correct our present foot strike. It is advised that as we run, our foot is just right below our body; this will avoid any injury in the knee, hip or shin.

4. Your Training. Eventually we need to up the ante in our training. To some, this is their usual menu: tempo runs, LSDs, speed drills. It is recommended to do variations even in the terrain where you run so as to orient the muscles and the bones and actually improve bone density and growth. Estuar stressed on before and after race: to warm up BEFORE stretching and post-race, stretch and do 2-3 repetitions of 20-30 seconds hold for every stretch to ease the stress and shock from a long run.

5. Rest and Recover. Personally, I think most of us, especially those who are actively racing at times forget to do this. Our muscles need to recover, heal and regenerate for any injuries or pains. We need to understand that some of us were not born as superhumans. And like most of the seasoned runners would say, “Just as not all parties should be attended, not all races should be joined.”

Loosen Up! The activity was not all lecture of course! As running is a physical activity, Estuar encouraged everyone for simple drills to stretch, to warm-up, for some R&R and give-aways! The Cebuanos were a great crowd and everyone got up when Estuar lead some exercises. Q&A were also done for more information from the respected orthopedics in Cebu.

Skechers GOrun. The new shoes from Skechers introduces midfoot running, recommended to be the best and safest way to run. Less impact from head to your toes, it has the GOImpulse sensors that would tell your feet where it touches the ground and remind you of your pace and foot strike. There are more detailed reviews from the internet you might want to discover (I chanced upon on this and thought fair of the review, click here). Estuar also mentioned that the shoes will not restrict your feet but actually adapt to your feet unlike other running shoes (though the blog I read mentioned there’s a narrow toebox, take it or leave it). I have yet to try on these and look forward to doing my review.

Last thoughts. I actually enjoyed these activities as it helps us as runners to be more educated. I may love reading but it pays to be informed first hand and I do hope, more runners and enthusiasts would engage in these kinds of activities. Word has it that Skechers will have more tour this month!

Michelle Estuar’s Message to Cebu. Estuar actually started the event telling the reason why Cebu has a special place in her heart. She mentioned that she really enjoyed doing the first time she joined frontRunner Coast to Coast last 2011, she remembered the huge smiles from the Cebuanos reaching food and water and cheering for her as she covered the distance; from there she wanted to go back and may soon do another.

And as her personal message:

Running took me to several places. Each place leads to unique experiences which have provided pieces of the puzzle to create the runner that I have become. Yet, only few of these pieces have filled up the gaps to complete the real person in me. I didn’t expect, but I’m glad to have picked up a piece of me in Cebu….

(Pictures courtesy of Skechers Philippines and my gratitude to Michelle Estuar’s trust and support)