A Pleasant Morning to Raise for Scholars (Post-Race Thoughts: Run and Raise Scholars)

Last April 15, the Foundation of the Society of Fellows in Supply Management, Inc. (SOFSM) in cooperation with Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM) presented Run and Raise Scholars at Aseana City.

These days have been hotter than usual and one of my worries was to get dehydrated during the race. I took heed and ran the shortest distance, 3k as this was my first time as well to run in Aseana City.


This is the fourth time that I arrived late in a race and I really hope I will drop this attitude of dilly dallying. I arrived six minutes from gunstart and I ran as fast as I can! I was aiming to beat my best time in 3k of 13:04 (still last July 2010) but dropped it and just told myself to observe the route.

So this is Aseana City, I thought while running on a 4:30 pace. The sun greeted me as I turned around reaching the last pack of the 3k and reaching the first Pocari Sweat hydration station. The asphalt road made friends to my Diadora Axeler TI IV running shoes and I kept on maintaining my pace after sipping the cold drink.

Reaching the midpack I turned around the last time to see beginners and enthusiasts and remembered my first race. It felt like running alongside the people of Luneta but the gentle rays of the sun and the wide road made racing a breeze. I saw the finish line turning right and crossed the finish line at 14:04.

With the Diadora Running Team

I met with Alfred (running atom) and Sam (running ninja) after the race. We represented Diadora and covered all distances: Alfred for 5k, Sam for 10k and I for the 3k. Alfred and Sam made a strong finish with unofficial time 25 minutes (5k) and 54 minutes (10k).

This was the first time that I saw Sam running towards the finish line and he was strong indeed: his turnover constant and cadence very strong (flicking of calves almost full swing!). I already knew how my other team mates (Alfred, Bave and James) run and they are fast runners!

Diadora Axeler TI IV

I used my Diadora Axeler TI IV and indeed the technology of shock absorption and maximum propulsion has been effective especially to short distances such as this fun run. I am naturally a forefoot runner transitioning to midstrike to conserve my energy; nevertheless, the Axeler TI IV can reduce stress to the calves and to the feet for ease of recovery post-race. I recommend it for those enjoying the short distances.

Last thoughts

Generally it was one of those races that you won’t feel rushed. Sponsors set up their booth strategically and loot bags and goodies were given generously. Pocari Sweat and water stations were situated at the right distances where participants needed hydration. Marshals were supportive and ushered the runners with smiles (I am not sure though with the 10k distance as it goes out the main road).

Kudos to the organizers as the race has raised enough funds to help 15 young ones to schools and with the main goal achieved, I guess this is a good run for a cause. Congratulations to all participants, organizers and sponsors of this race!

Some pictures courtesy of Running Atom