Like Kissing the Heavens (Post-Race Thoughts on Nature’s Trail Discovery Run)

I woke up as early as 1:30am to join the runners from Pinoy Fitness (thank you so much!) going to Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal for PIMCO‘s first of its series of trail runs with Nature’s Trail Discovery Run as it’s kick-off event.

This is my first natural trail run (the other one I did last January 2011 at Nuvali with Finishline’s Road x Trail Run) and it’s my longest trail run distance to date (half-marathon that is!).

About an hour after with barely 3 hours of sleep, we arrived at the place to see how far it is from the metro. You would wish that the government can reach these areas, good thing the local government has supported the lives of the locals here. I met Running Atom, Sir Rene Villarta, Noel and Nette Castillo. There were Kenyans in the event and the local athletes hoping to get the top prizes.

We assembled at around 5am and the gun went off at 5:30am. Surprisingly we went around and had our first taste of mud and mountains in our first 4km!

You can almost say how beautiful God made this.

Going up would nearly exhaust you but going down made you wish that you’re like a superhero that can just teleport back to the ground! I saw myself holding on to my dear life as most of the runners were laughing at themselves, too awkward to hold your ground.

Taking our first break after that great ascent!

I saw myself like a kid with my feet close to my butt, slipping down against the wet and dead grasses. I found myself too much of a beginner to face these challenges but enjoyed it nonetheless. The challenge did not stop there as I reach ground, I have to hold onto small tree branches not to topple over and still saw myself sitting, feet close to my butt and slipped again. I felt like a kid…a nervous kid.

As we reach the first corner, we continued to run and I saw my legs with mud, my socks toiled and I already felt small rocks inside my feet and that was just the first 5km! We crossed a lot of streams and rivers and greeted the locals and all runners kept on greeting each other a good morning because it was a good one!

There was one turn in the race where I thought I was lost! There was no runner in front nor behind me but purely fog and I feel the clouds kissing my face, pure bliss!

Am I lost?

Fast forward to the last few kilometers, we were rewarded by the views of rivers, streams and smiles from the locals. And guess what, there’s buko! I got a very sensitive tummy that I was afraid that I might go looking for a comfort room soon but I was grateful that God allowed me the push that I need. It was funny actually because I had a replay of last weekend’s run when I needed a push and every time I see those moments, I am thankful.

Buko yum!!!

When I saw the last marshall and asked if the finish line was near, he told me it’s about 200 meters, I rushed! It was really a great feeling with only a handful of runners cheering each other and saying how good your run was because everyone passed the same trails and experienced the same challenges.

These trail runners are passionate, kind and really sport. Of course there were those who are for competition and I respect that as well but I just enjoyed how these runners enjoy the sport as it is. It is hard but heck, did we enjoy!

Last thoughts

It’s actually funny how you see the same people who run alongside you are the ones organizing these events. They gather runners because they believe in the sport and they love what they do. I admire how runners turned to pioneers and actually realize others’ dreams. I appreciate what PIMCO did.

The water is overflowing though I understand that there were shortages because some runners took a lot just to refresh. Sorry I got turned off with that part: there are OTHER runners, not just you so I wish they would have been more considerate. Really enjoyed the bananas and of course the buko!

And to the locals, you made this event more interesting! Congratulations to the organizers and to all runners! Thank you so much Running Atom for the race kit! 🙂

  • Nette and I were still recollecting until this morning about the experience.. We also enjoyed it so much.. I hope I can write about it soon. Bc bchan kc,,,, LOL!

    • runningfree

      Noel, thanks for the mention!

      • don’t mention it.. I mean the mentioning thing blah! blah! oh u got it. 😉

  • Great post..! Glad you had a lotta fun..! See you in Leg 2..!

    • runningfree

      Thanks! Already convinced other running friends to register for Leg 2!

  • Flashcryrunner

    Thank you for appreciating what PIMCO did for our runners. See you in Second leg. this is a great post of experience.

  • Lol! I could just imagine how you see yourself as a kid with damp and muddy butt… Congratulations Allan and I’m glad you enjoyed your 2nd trail run. A big jump from your first trail run more than a year ago. See you again on another trail run! 🙂

    • runningfree

      and sponsored by you? hehe. Spoiled lang.

  • james

    Ang saya no? Haha hope to encounter you on the second leg!

    • runningfree

      Yup! Hope to see you sir too. Congrats!

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