Mizuno Run Academy: Maffetone Method

Last July 2, Mizuno launched it’s 2nd session of the Mizuno Run Academy taught by Coach Patrick Joson. The session talked about more on training: how do we perform and how do we often present this? Puzzled? Let’s talk about the iceberg:

You don’t need to show it all.

The iceberg can be seen as small above water, but you see underneath it is a larger chunk of ice, enough to crash more Titanic ships. Coach Patrick started, “How many times do you race?” A show of hands and most of us race once or twice in a month. The question was raised: Does it make you perform well? It made me think because to me, races are the validity of your performance as a runner.

But it was suggested that most of our PR comes from a well-planned training; thus the iceberg: For much of your training, only 40% is shown in our chosen race. A good foundation is needed before achieving the best results. A house cannot be built by its roof but by its foundation, its pillars, its walls until the roof is installed. You cannot get results overnight. You should have a strong foundation:

A good foundation starts below.

There are different exercises: aerobic, aero alactic and anaerobic. Aerobic is a moderate exercise consuming oxygen just enough for the body to replenish it; Aero-Alactic is when glucose is broken down in the absence of adequate oxygen; and, Anaerobic is when oxygen is used up more quickly not giving the body enough time to replenish it. The Maffetone Method suggests that we observe aerobic exercise into our training.

What is Maffetone Method?

When the body is not attuned to training, it becomes aerobically deficient and thus prone to stress. To avoid stress (emotional and physical), we need to observe our diet (good that is) and enough nutrition. We have our different metabolic rates and the Maffetone Method approaches individuals uniquely in a holistic approach. The Maffetone Method is more of letting you take charge of your own health and fitness, without you leaving frustrated. Other trainings suggest stiff and rigid structures, Maffetone does not.

To know more of the Maffetone Method, visit their official site. Click here.

There’s the 180 formula of Maffetone where: take 180 minus your age is the ideal heart rate. Some are not conscious or even do not consider their heart rate. I do not support any monitoring devices for my heart but a simple question, when you are huffing and puffing after pushing your limits or simply after an easy run, do you feel like your lungs expand and there’s a beat throbbing just at the middle of your chest? Then definitely you are listening to your heart rate. 🙂

So as part of the exercise, the class went out and had a transition of 1 minute walk and run, 2-minute run and 1-minute walk until we reached 7 minutes run 1-minute walk interval. Observing the right foundation and gradually increasing the training is a good way to run efficiently and effectively.

Coach Patrick Joson briefs how Maffetone Method is applied

The Mizuno Run Academy is an initiative of Jump Start Movement. Official hydration of the event is Gatorade, and thanks to Filinvest City and GNC as partners.

Photos courtesy online with keyword: Maffetone Method. Disclaimer: Ideas were taken from lecture in the Mizuno Run Academy as understood by the author and not in any way per verbatim by Coach Patrick Joson.

  • Patrick Joson

    Well said thanks

    • runningfree

      Oh wow, thanks Coach! 🙂

  • I’ve started using this method months ago. But since my training wasn’t really consistent, I’m still on the stage of suffering from “humiliatingly slow pace” just to maintain the prescribed MAF HR level.

    • runningfree

      I remembered you while writing this Noel. It occurred to me you were observing this kind of method. 🙂 When you finish the book and your training, hope you can share it to the team.

      • I’ll share my experience as soon as I see results in my training. Its a hard training method for runners like us who are used to push and train fast and hard. “Running slow” to maintain the prescribed HR for couple of months could be boring and sometimes be discouraging. It’ll feel like you are not improving and just wasting your time. Your faith in the method should be strong and be well established. For your trust in the program will be the only thing to hold on to during the initial phase when you’ll feel that “you cant train/run that slow”.

  • Actually for me this kind of training is easy and I usually run like this. I tried hard interval training a few times and was able to do it but somehow the way my body responded after that somehow signaled that it did not concur, so now I run this way everyday and my times are becoming faster without my HR going up.