Swimming Free Manila?

I love being in the water. Whether in the pool or in the beach, I love swimming! I don’t care if that meant being toasted under the sun and having a good tan is worth it.

Enjoying the training with Daisy

Lately, I’ve been wanting to have a serious training with swimming. I know how to swim and float but I know there’s a lot of room for improvement. I only learned swimming in our PE classes in school.

Then I asked Daisy if she could give me tips on swimming as she is also training for her first triathlon this October. It was funny that I felt awkward being a student to a friend. But the eagerness and excitement in me listened to her instructions intently.

Daisy taught me first to observe my floating. It felt like having my first swimming lesson back in Grade 3. The next is observing my strokes, she saw that my left arm is not as high as my right arm when doing freestyle.

So she lent her tech paddles. I looked at it with awe. I felt like I’m watching that childhood cartoons Tigersharks.

As I tried using the tech paddles, I really felt strong as I see myself going farther than I can swim in one stroke. Daisy told me later on I have to check my strokes. I enjoyed the instant push so much I forgot that I was training.

Then she lent me her pull buoy. This is quite the tricky part. She told me that I have to use my arms only. She told me that the arms should give the direction. I thought it will be easy but it is not. I find myself shaking side to side.

And then I remembered, just like running, it’s all in the hips. Suddenly I got excited because I feel like I’m really swimming like you see athletes in aquathlon or triathlon. I got psyched and did some more laps with it. Knowing it will also benefit my upper body, shoulders, biceps and triceps, I really concentrated on it.

Next was breathing. Funny, I thought since I know how to breathe and get the proper breathing. But after the training, suddenly I am having a hard time when I did laps. I choke at the last 10 meters and got some more advice from her.

Last was using the kickboard. This one’s for the feet of course. This is for me I think is the easiest since I know my legs are strong for running. Then Daisy told me it’s not at all kicking but gentle but forceful push while making sure I glide in the water. Why should it be so hard???

In the end, I felt satisfied sans the exhaustion and the tan I got from the pool. I am really concentrating on strengthening my upper body and core with cross training. I’ll try to research on POSE swimming (ehem Coach Patrick, give me tips please!) so I get to survive swimming with less injuries and fatigue.

Thanks Daisy for the tips and I hope you’ll stay patient as I train with you for your first triathlon. I will do aquathlon soon promise. 🙂 After that, we went to Army Navy (with Kyx) and had an awesome lunch.

I will try to study more on form and swimming and will try to help fellow beginners like me.

Tech paddles, pull buoy and kick board pictures courtesy of Speedo.