Mizuno Run Academy Batch 1 A Success!

Last Sunday, the 3 classes of Mizuno Run Academy Batch 1 capped off their classes with a Graduation Run in Filinvest City, the official venue.

The sky was clear and the event was not just attended by the students but also their friends and loved ones. It was an intimate race as  2 turns of 5k and our friends from Mizuno, Gatorade, Jump Start Movement and GNC greeted all the finishers with Coach Patrick Joson and fellow students cheer for everyone crossing the finish line.

Coach Patrick cheers for the finishers!

It was a nice way to end the event and start the day as we pose for the cameras and do our signature POSE method pose and update each other of one’s next race.

And freebies and more giveaways were handed out before our graduation. One of the highlights of my running career as you learned a lot from the program, you became a student once again and you get to meet other people and made new friends! It’s just the beginning as soon, the Mizuno Run Academy will open again its doors to the 2nd batch this October with Coach Patrick Joson and another great coach, Ige Lopez. So better watch out for the details soon! 🙂

Congratulations to my batchmates and to my classmates in BHS, I really hope to see you soon on the road and races that we will join.

Pictures from the author and Jump Start Movement.