You Can Still Have Your Food and Enjoy It…The Healthy Way

I never thought I can enjoy food this much. Let me rephrase that: I never thought I could enjoy healthy food this much. When I ate the foods served by Sugarleaf Cafe and Restaurant.

I encountered their food, thanks to C-Lium Fibre. We were having our breakfast after our medical test and I had this:

It is called Crabstick and Mango Goody Wraps. I was hesitant at first; not because I’m choosy when it comes to food, but because I might have my food all over the table (I’m such a sloppy eater!). As I munched on it, it was love at first bite! While most of the other guests had a different breakfast, I felt like an endorser that I encouraged everyone to try on my food! The green stuff is kefir sauce and I actually liked it!

So what else do they have besides this treat?

Enjoy a nutritious, filling and delicious salmon or blue marlin sandwich with lemon balm dressing and organic lettuce, smoked fish or our best-selling crabstick and mango Goody Wrap with probiotic dressing, free-range egg-mayo sandwich on wheat bagel. Vegetarian options include a variety of soups-of-the-day made from farm fresh certified organic produce; home-made fettuccine with pesto topped with fresh mango; all-veggie wraps and sandwiches.

These pictures are taken from their Facebook page, click here. You should try their home-made fettuccine with pesto topped with fresh mango. No, I don’t like mangoes, I love them! And it was a smart idea how they mixed it with pesto! I had it for lunch.

It will not spoil your appetite and you will actually will be intrigued trying other dishes in their menu after finishing just one plate–you would want more!

Want more? Then try their Free-Range Chicken:

In their menu it says: Organic-­fed chicken chunks with basil, white onion, green apple & sour cream-­lime m?ayonnaise dressing served in wheat bagel. Tempting just reading it right?

Talk about snacks and drinks? Then try their malunggay chips with kefir dip and Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Strawberry, Orange fruit juice!

These healthy foods will surprise you because they are yummy!

So go visit their branches in MediCard Lifestyle Center in Buendia, Makati City and Health Cube Building at West Greenhills.

Some pictures from sugarleaf’s Facebook page and picture of Crabstick and Mango Goody Wraps courtesy of Again, thanks to C-Lium and sugarleaf.