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  • Marvin

    Add mo ako RFM :)

    • runningfree

      Sure Marvs. Thanks! :)

  • RunningAtom

    add me too :)

    • runningfree

      Tapos na’po. :)

  • Ms_Mars

    uuuyy very nice, thank you also for supporting us and including
    in your link! i am one of the Forum Moderators there….

  • runningfree

    Hi Ms. Mars! Thanks for the visit. Please do visit often and hope to see you in one of the races! More power to pinoyfitness!

  • Noel Castillo

    Hi RFM. Pa-add din pls. 😀 thanks.

    • runningfree

      No prob Noel. Added!

  • deemenrunner (Noel Camarillo)

    tampo kame ni Run Adobo King. di man lang kame ni-add dito ni The RFM! hahahaha!

    • runningfree

      Matampuhin! Hehe.