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MILO Kicks Off 39th edition of National MILO Marathon in Dagupan!

Press Release The first race of the 39th National MILO Marathon set the stage for the season as over 11,000 runners excitedly raced to the finish line in Dagupan, Pangasinan. Leading the pack were former MILO Marathon queen Christabel Martes, and first-time 21K winner Cesar Castañeto.   Martes and Castañeto...

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Team Six30, 5 Years and Still Running!

5 years. It was also raining that day, reminisce it here. Before Instagram, before celebrity endorsers, the running community was a breath of fresh air, a destress from work. Weekends are for trainings and GA, or coffee chats or beer bondings. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TEAM SIX30! To more mileage, be it...

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Be Sure You’re Well Hydrated with HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle!

Press Release I would like to share with you something innovative from the other side of the world and this is true for everyone: you thought you are hydrated until you see your pee almost yellow. Most of active individuals, runners in particular tend to forget hydrating well. Especially with...

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