Battalia Royale: Kill or Be Killed (Pay What You Can)

My theater veins suddenly came to life when Jenny (fellow six:30/Barney) invited me to watch Battalia Royale at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Battalia Royale is a loose adaptation of Koushun Takami’s 2001 novel, Battle Royale and was played by Sipat Lawin Ensemble (more details here).

The play was like Kill Bill turned to play and a very graphic Japanese novel. Not for the kids but the play was opened to the public and you can pay whatever you wanted to (but with that class act, they deserve more!).

The audience are encouraged to go around as the scenes are literally all around. This is not for those seeking “culture” but for those who loves the art of theater. I miss Kuya Bodjie (of Batibot) who was with us back in Don Bosco Mandaluyong in my short stint in Zephyrin and the young actors and actresses made me miss the theater all the more.

The play is as graphic as the script. I actually enjoy it despite the physical demand of the play. I really wanted to promote the play here regardless of what I really am suppose to blog to promote independent theater! I support their cause of promoting the arts even when it’s only for a few people, just like the old times, but I do wish these are the kinds of play that private companies will support. I am not against the international casts because they do bring in quality plays, but our talents deserve attention as well. CCP should get more support and to more local plays!

The place was packed!

And if you wanted to catch them again, they will kill some more on March 8, 9 and 10, 2012 at 7pm in Victoria Abandoned School in Ermin Garcia St., Cubao, Quezon City. Tickets are at PhP350. Let us support them!

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Surprise from CGH-MSA Fun Run!

This is a selfish post so excuse me for plugging: because Jackson (fellow Barney) and I were included in the Top 10 in the recently concluded Chinese General Hospital – Medical Staff Association (CGH-MSA) Fun Run happened yesterday, October 2 in CCP. A very good fund raising for the benefit of Chinese general hospital charity ward division’s indigent patients.

The race kits were given by a friend and we were not expecting the event to be as big as the one happening at BGC that same day!

The Race

I woke up as early as 4:30am since the poster available only mentioned of 5:30am assembly time. I forgot when I was signing up the registration. When we got there, maybe the small lane just behind the parking lot near CCP helped because it looked like there were a lot of people. I forgot we only signed up for 3k, so used to signing up to longer distances (longest in the race was 10k).

By 5:50am, the gun went off for 3k. Jackson, recently injured, ran as fast as he can. I tried running after him but to no avail. We try to avoid the other participants who enjoyed the distance they registered in and by the turn to Sofitel, my lungs wanted to burst and I finally catched up with Jackson just because he stopped to wait; guess he was surprised for just a short distance, you feel like throwing up.

Crossing the finish line, we were ecstatic. I felt that we were on top because we ran before the crowd. We went around to get some freebies for food and hydration and greeted Daddy.

We returned to wait for the announcements but forgot that we joined 3k so we returned and left the place.

Some thoughts on the race

Pocari Sweat hydration stations were all over the distances (at least for the 3k) that those who were really enjoying the event crowded in the first station that made a blockage in the race. You will see yourself swerving every now and then avoiding some participants who were walking, stopping and taking some pictures, reminded me of my first ever race with my first picture walking! Haha. There are enough marshals around the first and the last part of the race. We did not stay for the program and left.


When we got back, around 11am, I received an email from for the results of the race. I saw my time still short of 2 minutes from my goal of 12 minutes. My PR was 13 minutes for 3k and I was aiming for 12 but I guess with no serious training I’m not in my optimum level. BUT lo and behold, I looked at my ranking (to see how I fared in the race) I was 4…so that makes Jackson Top 3! And we didn’t stay for the program! Haha.

So my fascination with 3k distance paid off and Jackson, I hope was encouraged to go back to the sport and maybe specialize as well with shorter distances. haha! Thanks CGH-MSA for the opportunity, you made our Sunday extra special!